May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Ahhh Memorial Day Weekend.  A lovely three day break from the ever redundant workplace and a chance for me to sleep past 6:30am!  Is it weird that I long for these weekends with all of my being, despite the fact that I had a week long vacation only two week ago?  I sure hope not.  It will be good to break out of my schedule, spend time with friends, and welcome summer to Louisville (and summer it is - 90 and humid already).

I do have quite a few things happening this weekend.  First of all, it is the traditional opening of the pool!  Which means the snack bar, which means patty melts.  My mom and I always split one opening weekend and since the pool had a soft opening last weekend, we were there ready to eat!  They are DELICIOUS and so greasy, but oh so good.  Remember how I told you I have no willpower over food?  Case in point.  Beef, cheese, grilled onions.  Good.  And I feel like my tan is fading from FL so I will probably be at the pool this weekend trying to keep up the tan.

This weekend is also a big weekend over at my parents house.  Every year on Memorial Day Weekend my mom makes a gabazillion jars of her homemade strawberry jam.  I am usually in charge of removing the little green parts from like four gallons of strawberries.  But I usually get a jar or five, so it's all worth it.  Yummm some homemade rolls with fresh strawberry jam on them...nothing better.  Well, maybe a patty melt, but really they are on different playing fields.

So welcome back summertime, I have missed you!

May 26, 2010

I Heart KY

One of my favorite drives in the state... US-60 in Lexington.

May 25, 2010


I know I promised pictures from my beach vacation - so here you go!  I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.

The beach was amazing!  We did not have a single rainy or cloudy day and the ocean was a balmy 82 degrees, so everyday was spent on the beach using the ocean to cool us off.  I wish I had remembered to take more pictures!  We went down to my grandfather's house on Captiva Island off the coast of Fort Myers, FL.  It's a tiny little island that really does not have much going on - PERFECT for a relaxing beach week.  One day there was someone sitting within 100 yards of us on the was weird.  It's like you are on your own personal private beach.  And the pool is the same way, although why go to the pool when the beach is so ideal!  We drank a lot of Bloody Mary's and ate a LOT of food because sitting on the beach is so just work up such an appetite. Ok enough of me being evil and telling you all the details of my vacation....

Next stop - Burlington, VT!

May 24, 2010

May 24 = Big Day

Today is my parent's 30th anniversary.  They have been married for three decades. Wowzers.  So tonight, they are feeding me dinner because I am by far the best thing to have come out of their lovely marriage.  The Broski is third after Sadie Belle, the parents Labradoodle and Beau's BFF/Cougar.
And today is also the 24th birthday of Noe!  We have been friends since we were in middle school and is one of my Maids.  She made me stay out until 5:30am over the weekend, and there are not many people for which I will sacrifice sleep.  Birthday girl is in the pink.  She's so preeeeettty.

So Happy 30th Anniversay to the Parentals!
And Happy Birthday Noe!

Onion Rings

So I can't diet...I have no willpower when it comes to food.  So logically, with an upcoming wedding in which I have the lead role, you think I would give it another try.  Just to loose a few pounds here and there.  You know, be buff and all that jazz.  So I have had salads at Qdoba when I really want a burrito and really tried to think more about what I am eating.  Epic fail.  I made these last night....

So delicious and so NOT healthy.  And now my house smells like fried-ness. But I would make them again, maybe with some more fan action.  And today for lunch - leftover Bratwurst with some onion rings on top???  I am a fat kid at heart.  I guess I will have to try and squeeze a little more exercise into my life.

May 20, 2010

Daily Fluff

Blog world, please meet Dublin.

Dublin belongs to my friends in Nashville and I am so pleased that their time in Louisville over Derby with Beau did not deter them from puppy parenthood.  Dublin is a cockapoo, so Beau and Dublin are BBFs by genetics.  Although the size difference might cause a bit of a problem...

And here are just a few things they can look forward to as puppy parents!

But really, we all know my obsession with Beau despite his antics. Dublin will be a great dog and I can't wait for Beau and Dublin to have their first play date!

May 19, 2010


I love when I can use charity as an excuse to go shopping. Enter TOMS. I have a pair of coral polka dot TOMS that I love.

For their look, they are surprisingly slipper-like yet add quite a bit of pizazz to my outfit. I got several compliments on them when I wore them to the office on casual Friday. My dad on the other hand never fails to tell me he thinks they look stupid. Even if my father had the go to fashion sense and my shoes were in fact stupid, then I would still buy TOMS.

The company was started in 2006 and had the idea to start a show company where every pair of shoes sold was matched with a pair donated to children in need. It has now taken on the name One for One Movement. When I buy myself a pair of TOMS, I know my love of shoes is benefiting a child who otherwise would not have shoes to wear. Makes me think I should just keep on buying. If only I could write my shoes off as a donation on my taxes.....

So, while oogling the newest TOMS designs, I stumbled across something amazing. In June, TOMS is releasing a new shoe design. Which happens to be a style for which I have been looking for quite some time. TOMS is releasing a canvas wedge. Now I am not one to wear heels on a regular basis, but from my itty bit of experience, I know wedges > stilettos. And I can wear them to the office. And they are reasonably priced. So you can bet I signed up for the email informing me of the release date and when I can buy myself a pair. And I will rest easy knowing I gave a pair of shoes to a child in need as well.

I love TOMS and you should too. They have men's TOMS. And if you buy some, it makes you a better person.

May 18, 2010

Cream Cheese Chutney Dip

I made this a few weeks ago for our engagement party, and since then, I have been getting several requests for the recipe.  It is a classic salty/sweet combo platter.

Cream Cheese Chutney Dip
First Layer:
1 8oz block of cream cheese
2-3 c. shredded cheddar cheese
2-3 green onions
A few dashes of hot sauce (I use Choloula)


Combine all the first layer ingredients in a food processor until smooth and place in the bottom of a dish. For the second layer, chop up some chutney (so it's not chunky) and spread it over and then cover with bacon pieces.  So good.  So easy!

May 17, 2010

Daily Fluff

I know you all have missed this little face.

Dark Cloud

Vacation was amazing.  Like really amazing.  I drank several Bloody Mary's and spent all day on the beach - except for the one day we hit the outlet malls.  I will come back with some pictures to make you jealous in a few.  But there is something more pressing that is happening in the real world.  I knew it was going to be bad when I got an email from Stud simply titled "Noooooooooo!"

NBC Cancels ‘Law & Order’

I mean, what are they thinking???  It has been on the air since 1990.  I was 4.  They say that a new show "Law & Order: Los Angeles" or LOLA (gag) for short will take over the story lines that would normally be found on the regular Law & Order.  At least they did renew SVU.  I might have had to boycott the station if the cancelled SVU and I really need The Office and 30 Rock in my life.  Anyways, I probably won't watch LOLA (gag).  But I will open a bottle of wine or two with Stud on his next free night, settle down on the couch and memorialize Law & Order by watching a marathon.

Which I will continue to do post cancellation, but hey, I am always looking for a reason to drink wine.

May 6, 2010

Zingy Zangy Tangy!

OK so now that we have covered mint juleps, we can really focus on the beverage which I can't refuse. A Bloody Mary. Seeing as I will be lounging at the beach next week, I feel most certain that there will be ample opportunity for a Bloody Mary or nineteen. 

Now I understand that some people have some issues with the savory-ness of a Bloody, but I think it makes it all the better. Dehydrates you even more! No but really. I love them. I love that they are salty. I love that they are like a meal in an alcoholic beverage. I love that I can use the excuse about getting a serving of vegetables from drinking one. I bet you do by the way. Chock full of tomatoey goodness. I love that they are spicy! And for all you other Bloody Mary lovers out there (ahem Noe), there is nothing better than Zing Zangs Bloody Mary Mix. I remember Christmas 2008 and all people could talk about was Zing Zangs. My fam has this amazing brunch on Christmas morning and my uncle just kept asking "Do you have enough Zing Zangs?? I can bring some!" My mother of course was well stocked, but he brought some anyways. It's spicy, peppery, thick...YUM. It has become a staple at my house, along with my parents, and we go through embarrassing amounts on holidays where drinking before noon is acceptable. Don't be fooled my the lameness of their website. It's delicious! And you MUST put olives in a Bloody Mary. They are a little present at the bottom of the glass! OH and I was talking to the bartender last week at my company track party (as in Churchill Downs party) about the amazing-ness of Bloody Mary's. Not only does she like to add a few olives - but also a shrimp on the cocktail sword! I must try this. We became fast friends. 

If you like Bloody Mary's and have not experienced Zing Zangs, you must get some tonight.  It is totally acceptable to drink Bloodys in the evening.  Trust me, it's fiiiine.

Daily Fluff

Please meet Lilly, the neighbor's cat.  She comes in to visit every once in a while.  Good thing Beau is terrified of cats.

May 5, 2010


I am off on vacation next week!! I am heading down to Captiva Island, FL with my best friends from high school along with my mom.  Hello amazing.

May 4, 2010


Derby 136 proved to be another super duper weekend, despite the weather. Flash flooding does nothing to hinder Derby celebrations! I had eight amazing college friends in town and we hung out at my house the entire weekend catching up and spending time together. They even threw in a little surprise engagement celebrations the wiley fellows. We ate a lot of good food and consumed several mint juleps.

Alas, no one had the trifecta this year. No one even bet on Super Saver. I was all over Dean’s Kitten and Paddy O’Prado. I bet they win the Preakness and Belmont. That would be just my luck. BUT I did have a bet on the Oaks winner Blind Luck! Which reminds me…Haudge owes me some dollas!

Anyways, a perfect weekend. I can’t wait to see them all again in October!

May 3, 2010

Daily Fluff

This is Beau without 8 additional people to entertain him.  (volume is key)


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