May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Ahhh Memorial Day Weekend.  A lovely three day break from the ever redundant workplace and a chance for me to sleep past 6:30am!  Is it weird that I long for these weekends with all of my being, despite the fact that I had a week long vacation only two week ago?  I sure hope not.  It will be good to break out of my schedule, spend time with friends, and welcome summer to Louisville (and summer it is - 90 and humid already).

I do have quite a few things happening this weekend.  First of all, it is the traditional opening of the pool!  Which means the snack bar, which means patty melts.  My mom and I always split one opening weekend and since the pool had a soft opening last weekend, we were there ready to eat!  They are DELICIOUS and so greasy, but oh so good.  Remember how I told you I have no willpower over food?  Case in point.  Beef, cheese, grilled onions.  Good.  And I feel like my tan is fading from FL so I will probably be at the pool this weekend trying to keep up the tan.

This weekend is also a big weekend over at my parents house.  Every year on Memorial Day Weekend my mom makes a gabazillion jars of her homemade strawberry jam.  I am usually in charge of removing the little green parts from like four gallons of strawberries.  But I usually get a jar or five, so it's all worth it.  Yummm some homemade rolls with fresh strawberry jam on them...nothing better.  Well, maybe a patty melt, but really they are on different playing fields.

So welcome back summertime, I have missed you!

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