May 25, 2010


I know I promised pictures from my beach vacation - so here you go!  I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.

The beach was amazing!  We did not have a single rainy or cloudy day and the ocean was a balmy 82 degrees, so everyday was spent on the beach using the ocean to cool us off.  I wish I had remembered to take more pictures!  We went down to my grandfather's house on Captiva Island off the coast of Fort Myers, FL.  It's a tiny little island that really does not have much going on - PERFECT for a relaxing beach week.  One day there was someone sitting within 100 yards of us on the was weird.  It's like you are on your own personal private beach.  And the pool is the same way, although why go to the pool when the beach is so ideal!  We drank a lot of Bloody Mary's and ate a LOT of food because sitting on the beach is so just work up such an appetite. Ok enough of me being evil and telling you all the details of my vacation....

Next stop - Burlington, VT!

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