April 30, 2010


So the Derby is amazing, we have established that. But alas, we average folk are sequestered to the infield unless we want to shell out the big bucks for a box. And I don’t have the big bucks. So most Louisvillians go to the Oaks instead. The Oaks is the Derby for fillies (girl horses) and is on Friday. To Louisvillians, it is a big of a deal as the Derby – that’s why Oaks is a holiday in high school. No one would be at school anyways, so it was always closed the Friday before the Derby. One of my poor science teachers in high school (she was from Boston or Rhode Island – something like that), when she saw Oaks Day as a holiday on the syllabus, thought we had a day off to celebrate nature. Oh how wrong she was.

The Oaks is just as big of a day of races. You see, the Derby and the Oaks are not the only races to run on those days. There are usually around ten races each day, with the Oaks and Derby falling towards the end, but not the last race. And the other races run on today and tomorrow have huge purses and draw the best horses in the sport. For example, Rachel Alexandra will be running today in another race than the Oaks (she already dominated that one). Besides the difference in the gender of the horses running, there are other minor differences between the races. The winner of the Oaks is draped in a garland of 133 lilies whereas the Derby winner gets red roses. Also, instead of the Mint Julep, the drink for the Oaks is the Lily. So tasty. It has vodka, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice, and triple sec. Yum. But the fashion is the same, as is the feel at the track. And this year, Oaks is the day to go since Louisville is supposed to get HEAVY rain on Saturday and today is 85 and sunny.

For the past two years, the signature of Oaks day has been the Pink Out. Churchill Downs partners with Susan G. Komen for the Cure ® and Horses and Hope to host the Pink Out. They encourage everyone to incorporate pink into their Oaks outfit (very fitting for the race for the fillies). One of my parents’ friends last year sported his pink Chuck Taylors with his suit. I want to be my parents when I grow up.

Anyways, I am off to have a Bloody Mary, enjoy the weather, good friends, and some beer pong.

Talk Derby to me.

April 29, 2010

Another Reason I Love Derby

These people come in town to celebrate.  Can't wait to see them all!!!

Get your Gambling Face ready!

The post positions have been drawn – the field for the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby is set.

Interesting developments – the two favorites are in the #1 and #20 post positions. Those would be the two most difficult from which to win. Also, Louisville is expected to get oh you know, just about four inches of rain on Saturday. A long shot could come through and win it all like Mine That Bird did last year on a wet track.

My betting strategy – Well, Paddy O’Prado is a gray horse. So there is one bet. And I have Jackson Bend in the office pool, so I’ll have to put some money on him as well. Last year, I had Mine that Bird in the office pool. Did I put a measly $2 on my office pool horse – NO! And it paid a gabazillion to win. UGH never again. So this year Jackson Bend gets $2. And Dean's Kitten. Cat in the name - must bet. And then there is Devil May Care. The filly, the girl racing against all the guys. Two years ago, the filly was Eight Belles and she placed, but broke both ankles right after crossing the finish line. The tragedy stirred talk that fillies should not be allowed to race against the males. Then there is Rachel Alexandra (heyo fav horse ever with the awesome name). She ran in the Oaks instead of the Derby last year coming off the death of Eight Belles in the previous Derby. And she killed all those measly girls. So in the Preakness, she ran against all the guys to prove her awesome-ness and won. She is the 2009 Horse of the Year and she put to rest any qualms about racing fillies in the Derby.

So make your bets people. The time is drawing near.

For additional information on contenders, you can go to the Courier-Journal, they have a huge section. And so does the Kentucky Derby website. The list of contenders came from Equestrian Life - theirs is very interactive.  Never ending options.  Time to do some research!

Oh and this is Haudge displaying his excitement for the Derby. He comes home tonight. He has a gambling problem.

April 28, 2010


Tonight is the Steamboat Race. Not as cool as the balloon race. Maybe you’ll get to hear more about it next year since today I have decided it’s high time you heard about Derby Fashion.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside on the first Saturday in May – people are in their spring best. And it’s really all about preppy. The men wear seersucker suits, light jackets, and colorful ties. They all look so handsome. And the women. Some I’m sure spend more money on their Derby outfits than they did for their tickets, or what they will spend at the betting window that day. The women, like the men, can be found wearing the brightest colors and HATS. Oh the hats. They are, along with all other horse racing events, the must have item. But – do you buy the hat and then match your dress, or try to find a hat that matches a dress you already have???? Typical chicken and egg scenario. You will see everything from homemade beauties in the infield to high end designer hats over on the Third Floor and Millionaire’s Row. Our local paper has an entire section dedicated to hat shopping. I personally have never worn a hat because I feel silly in hats and I have never had the time or resources to dedicated to finding the perfect hat. If I was a good blogger, I would do my research and tell you the hat trends for 2010, but alas. I am just here for my own self gratification since I am obsessed with blogs.

This year, for the second year in a row, Churchill Downs is partnering with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and Horses and Hope. Oaks Day (Friday) will be a “Pink Out” in which all attendees (infield and otherwise) are encouraged to incorporated pink into their outfit. More on that on Friday!

I am off to the track (sidenote - when Louisvillians speak of the track, they are referring to Churchill Downs.  I had many people in college give me weird looks thinking I was heading to the gym to spend the day at the track - like track and field. No sir.  Kentucky does not exercise!). So today I will be spending the day with my office – betting while getting paid….good day.

April 27, 2010

Gambling Addiction

Betting is what makes people come back to the track. That dream of that elusive big win. And it gives you something to cheer for during each race. But betting isn’t easy. My parents set a good example, so I was betting on my own at about 13. And I do the same bets today that I did then. Hey, if it works.

First you have to choose a horse. I wish I could tell you more about how to read the program, but I really pretend to know what I am doing and then choose a horse based on name and the color of the jockey’s silks. I also often bet on the gray horses. And if a horse has a cat themed name – winner. And the more absurd the name, the better. I believe Stud gave up betting against me when I won betting in one race on Precious Kitten and Sparkletime. Something like that. Below is an example of the results from a race yesterday at Churchill Downs – Purrfect Alibi – I would have totally bet on that. But there are things you can check. I like to look at the distance of the race (measured in furlongs) compared to the horses past performances at that distance. You can go across and see all the splits, but that’s too much work for me. The Daily Racing Forum has a great little interactive tutorial if you are interested in learning how to really handicap a horse.
Once you have chosen your horse, or horses, you can head up to the betting window. Here is where it can get technical. I like to bet safely. So I usually bet $2 Across the Board, or for the horse to Win (1st), Place (2nd), or Show (3rd). If my horse wins, I get the payoffs “Across the Board” - $7.40 + $3.80 + $3.00 = $14.20. Pretty good on a $6 bet. You can also bet win, place and show individually, but you only get that pay-off. Then there are exactas, trifectas, and superfectas. Exactas are picking the horses that win and place. Trifectas are choosing win, place, and show, and superfectas are picking the first four horses to come in. You are choosing these horses in the correct order as well. Unless you want to box the bet (always a good idea) which means you increase the amount you are betting, but order is no longer an issue. I like to do three horse exacta boxes. So I would have bet “A $2 exacta box with 3, 4, and 5” and I would have won $40.20 since the order didn’t matter. And then you can bet a wheel in which you choose one horse and bet it with all the other horses in the field “A $2 exacta all with 4.” That would be betting an exacta and it doesn’t matter who comes in first, as long as 4 comes in second. Good idea for races with only a few horses. I doubt this makes any sense. And you must phrase your bet correctly as well – amount, bet type, and then the horses by number, not name. Here is a pretty good link to all the vocab and another one with simple instructions on how to bet. I particularly like the last step.

So a brief tale of betting success. It was Derby 2008 and I took the weekend after finals and before beach week to rush home with two friends to attend the Derby. This was the year I was fortunate enough to have third floor walk arounds and the year I went to the Backside Derby morning. Neither of my friends had ever been to a horse race, so we were betting and I was trying to teach them the ropes. It’s the Derby and there are about 25 horses running and they are all the best – it is a VERY hard race to bet. My friend WhitTritt heads up to the betting window alone, I trust her at this point and makes her Derby bet. We head out, watch the race, and as soon as the horses cross the finish line, we sprint out to catch our ride home. As we are sitting in the full van learning the tragedy of Eight Belles, WhitTritt pipes in, “I think I may have won some money on that race.” Our driver, a race horse owner, whips his head around (I would have preferred he keeps his eyes on the road, but whatever) and immediately begins peppering WhitTritt with questions. She reviews her bet.

WhitTritt: I voted for Big Brown because he was the favorite. And I voted for Dennis of Cork because I liked his jersey. And I voted for Eight Belles because she was the only girl.
Horse Man: Wait, you bet all three?
WhitTritt: Yes – trifecta?
Horse Man: Well, I am pretty sure you just won a lot of money.

When we get back to my house, we immediately get on the computer to confirm the results from the race. WhitTritt had indeed hit the trifecta on the Derby. She had bet, thanks to the woman at the betting window, a $1 trifecta box (total of $6) and had won just over $1,700. She had to pay taxes on her winnings. It was that much. You can read her recount of the story on her blog.

So the Derby is only four days away. Can’t wait!

April 26, 2010

Bourbon Balls and Derby Pie

So Kentucky has some weird food things, enough that they all warrant their own posts at another time. But a few are Derby related, so here we go.

Bourbon Balls – Now, if you are my one and only avid reader, than you know how obsessed we Kentucky folk are with our bourbon. So why not take bourbon and improve upon it the only way known to man by mixing it with chocolate (heyyyo like the name of this blog) - and the bourbon ball is born. A chocolate candy with the subtle burn of bourbon….yummmm. You can find them all over Louisville and the most popular are the ones made my Maker’s Mark. There were some in the office the other day – don’t mind if I do help myself to seven, choke on one and cause a scene in the kitchen. Totally normal. Choking on one has not deterred my love. As much as I eat them, I have never made them. Here is a pretty good looking recipe. I might try them this week to have some for Derby. I think I would like mine rolled in cocoa powder.

Derby Pie - Now, since I am not Kern's Kitchen, I really should not call it Derby Pie. They wisely trademarked the name ages ago and now everyone else has to call it "Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie" which sounds totally lame compared to Derby Pie. If any restaurant in Louisville wants to serve Derby Pie, they have to serve a Kern's Kitchen Derby Pie. Good thing I am no professional. And my mom just told me they use almonds, not pecans, so this is better.  So CPBP (again, I am not Kern's Kitchen, so I must call it Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie and that is really long to type so I shortened it) is delicious. Notice a trend?? We Kentuckians like to add bourbon to everything and it undoubtedly makes it better. Chocolate Pecan pie - bleh. CPBP - amazing. And you know what makes them better - making them mini. Like babies - smaller = cuter = better. Basic logic. Anyways, my family and I bake up about 140 of these mini pies every Derby and I don't know if we have survived the weekend with any left. They are that good. Anyways, below is the recipe we use and we cut up the pie crust with a biscuit cutter and use mini muffin pans to bake them.

Chocolate Pecan Bourbon (DERBY) Pie
1c. granulated sugar
1/2c. flour
1 stick melted butter
2 eggs
12 oz. chocolate chips
1c. chopped pecans
2 T. Bourbon
1 t. vanilla

Preheat oven to 375.  Mix the sugar and flour.  Melt the butter and allow to cool and then mix with the eggs.  Add flour mixture to egg and butter mixture.  Add the chocolate chips, pecans, bourbon and vanilla.  Pour into a 9" pie shell and bake for 45-60 minutes.  (This is where we cut up the pie crust and make the mini delicious-ness.  Bake for 25 minutes)

If you would like another perspective on Derby bourbon-y foods, this was an interesting article.

April 23, 2010

The GREAT Balloon Race

After a brief tangent on my obsession with Target, back to the Derby Festival… This weekend, the big event is the Great Balloon Race! Sound thrilling and exhilarating??? It is. It starts with the balloon glow this evening followed up by the race bright and early tomorrow morning. Looks like this year it could be cancelled due to weather, but I have been in the past and it’s more fun than you think.

When I was little, my parents would roust my brother and I with the promise of doughnuts for breakfast, pile us in the car, and take us down to the Fairgrounds to see the hot air balloons. They are all laid out in different stages of inflation and the shapes and colors were always my favorite part. And the best balloons give out candy and stickers. After that, the “hare” balloon takes off (floats off?) and flies to some spot and lands and marks the spot with an “X.” All the other balloons must follow the Hare (they are called the “Hounds”…how clever) and attempt to drop a bag of seeds from their balloon onto the X. The closest bag wins!

Now I did not know any of this until I checked the rules on the website….After the balloons started taking off, my family and I would run back to the car so we could follow them. Once we got bored, we would head back into town for the promised doughnut breakfast.

By the way....All these festival events have free admission with the a Pegasus Pin. I get one every year and if you get a gold one, you can turn it back in and enter a drawing for all sorts of cool prizes. Or you can hold onto the gold one and show it off to everybody and maybe sell it for thousands one day on eBay!! Right. My dad always gets the gold ones. Also going on this weekend is the Derby marathon and mini marathon. People run all over the city causing traffic. I could maybe walk a mile. Therefore, I will be getting doughnuts in honor of the Balloon Race.

Target gets an A+

Brief and important interruption from the Derby posts. So I allowed myself to go to Target last night. It had been a while and I know the weakness I have for the place. It sucks my money away. And my mom told me that I couldn't register for clothes and shoes at Target for wedding presents. Ugh. Anyways, I went last night. DANGER. Merona is on a roll. I mean, how am I supposed to focus on getting baskets and shampoo when these beauties are distracting meee??

And I blame Caro for a few of these obsessions after our little gchat this morning. Some of these may already be mine, and some may be in the near future. And if you like them, click away on the images, I linked them up for you cause I'm a super nice person. Target, you are my weakness.

April 22, 2010

Chuchill Downs

OK so I love Churchill Downs. And I love that everyone in Louisville loves Churchill Downs. I have pretty much watched a horse race from every part of Churchill Downs, and I can say - they all have their benefits.

The Backside – Of the track…get your mind out of the gutter. It used to be a tradition that every year on Derby Week, my godfather would pick me up at 5am and we would go to the backside and watch the contenders get in their morning workouts and then have breakfast at Wagner's. Since there are races all day at the track, all the horses, trainers, jockeys, and Al Roker are all at the track at 5am to watch the Derby contenders practice and get a read on the times and strength of the horses. And I learned that jockeys are very small people. You get to see the horses, the barns… I love it. I have also been to the backside Derby morning with a friend to attend a crawfish boil before the big day. The backside is like the laid back beer drinking husband to the rest of the track. The infield is their delinquent child…more to come on that. It’s hard to see the races since you are opposite the track from the finish line, but you see them literally feet from your face breaking from the gate and the power of these thoroughbreds is amazing. Overall, by far my favorite part of the track. You can wear jeans and be lazy – drink beer and there is always tons of food. I get to pet the horses, give them carrots and peppermints. The lines to bet and go to the bathroom are really short. On a sunny day with a full day of races…there is not a better place to be.

The Third Floor – Boxes. There are six or eight seats in a box. There are people everywhere. Everyone is dressed to the nines – some are not so cute. I once saw a woman in a head to toe highlighter yellow outfit with matching finger nail polish. Derby really does bring out the best of Kentucky. If you have a box, you are lucky enough to have a seat which is essential with the day full of mint juleps and beer you have ahead of you. If you just have a walk around ticket (what I had)…get ready to fight for open seats. But the vantage point cannot be beat. If you are in the right section, you have a clear view of the horses racing across the finish line. Such excitement! The third floor is normally where I go during the rest of the meet – for $7 you can get in a box.

Millionaire’s Row – Never been here on Derby, but it’s where you will find all the celebs.

General Admission – On a normal day, $2 will get you general admission to the track. On Derby, it’s $40. You gain access to the paddock area and the INFIELD. If you get there around, oh the crack of dawn, you might claim one of the 17 benches and actually see a horse. If not, you are standing still being bumped by drunken rednecks orrrrr you barge your way through and make it to the….

INFIELD – Oh. My. Goodness. Wave your chances of seeing a horse goodbye. It’s like a scene from a movie. You walk through this long dark tunnel and when you emerge, you are in this land of debauchery and ridiculousness. There is a small corner dedicated to families, but I think it gets smaller and smaller every year and I have never actually found it. It’s been compared to Bourbon Street from Mardi Gras rolled into one compact fenced in area. There are beads. There are boobs. There is over-priced alcohol everywhere. I have lost Stud every time I have been. This year he will be leashed. He thinks I am kidding. Going to the infield is an event. You must be mentally prepared. Churchill Downs actually has a CPO – Chief Party Officer – who is elected every year, and is usually an infield fixture. My friend Sammo has an uncle that has been for the past like 30 years. There are people of all ages, and 95% of them are wasted out of their minds.

April 21, 2010

The Run for the Roses

I realized I was making an error of monstrous proportions believing that anyone really understood the full awesome-ness of the Kentucky Derby. I mean, if the Queen deigns the Derby cool enough for her attendance, than it is pretty amazing. British people are automatically cooler than Americans, ergo whatever the Ruler Supreme of the Brits chooses to do is important. In business terms, it’s a Grade I stakes race for three year old Thoroughbred horses that is held every year on the first Saturday of May. It is the first race of the Triple Crown and a horse has not won the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978. I thought Big Brown had it in 2008 – he just gave up…loser. And according to Wikipedia (which must mean it’s true), the Derby is considered the most prestigious horse race in the world. Final fun fact – did you know the Kentucky Derby is the oldest, continuous sporting even in the US?? It's been running since 1875 - that means it's cooler than say...The Masters! Take that Augusta!

Some fun traditions:
  • Every year the winner of the Derby has a garland of 554 red roses draped over his haunches. You can go to Kroger to watch them assemble it the night before. And of course, when I think of flowers, I think of Kroger Supermarkets....
  • Every year, one of my favorite moments, is when they play My Old Kentucky Home when the horses step on the track for the Derby. Every year I get chills. It’s not even the song really. It’s the masses of (drunk) people singing a song together that touches on the spirit and life of the state. Goooood times.
  • Churchill Downs serves approximately 120,000 mint juleps over Derby weekend. I think last year I drank 738 of them.
  • Bobby Flay comes to the Derby every year. And last year I saw Mario Batali. Louisville loves food. We’ll get more into Derby food later. And Jessica Simpson came with Nick Lachey – see that Newlyweds episode??
  • The mint juleps at the track are served in a mint julep “glass” and lists the winning horse from every Derby. This glass is second best if you can’t get your hands on a Wakefield-Scearce julep cup. It's a really good idea to give intoxicated peole their next drink in a glass. I think I broke 727 of the glasses from my juleps last year.
More to come! Can’t believe there is more awesome to the Derby than what you have already seen??? Be prepared to be amazed – shocked – and on your way to Louisville to celebrate.

Daily Fluff

He's helping me with the gardening.

April 20, 2010

A REAL Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby and although I am tempted to enjoy them year round, I usually only have them on Derby. They have been the tradition for as long as I can remember - it has been the official drink of the Derby since 1938. And a few years ago, they released a recipe for a $1,000 julep. But now onto the serious stuff.

OK so I have seen a variety of recipes for a Mint Julep. But there is only one way to make it. And it only involves a few things - mint, bourbon, and simple syrup. Sounds simple...right?? But ooooh no.

First - what bourbon? I learned far too much about bourbon on my excursion for Stud's birthday along the Bourbon Trail a few summers ago. His cousins own and operate a bourbon distillery we will hereby call Wan Vinkle Bourbon (for anonymity of course) and they kindly set up an amazing behind the scenes tour at Buffalo Trace that was much more informative than the standard hour long tour. Did you know that in order to be considered bourbon, the following things must hold true?:

  • It must be distilled within the United States
  • It must be made of a grain mixture including at least 51% corn
  • It cannot be altered in any artificial way: no coloring, flavoring, or special filtering
  • It must be aged for at least two years in new charred white oak barrels
  • It must be distilled to no higher than 165 proof, and introduced into the barrel at no higher than 125 proof

Try that on for size, rum and vodka...posers.

The first thing you must decide is if you prefer wheat or rye bourbon. I prefer wheat - I think it has a much smoother flavor. Examples of wheat bourbons are Maker's Mark and Old Weller. Brands that use rye are Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam, and most other bourbon brands. Rye bourbons have more of a spicy, peppery kick. Then, you must decide if you are a bourbon snob because there are many people in the world that refuse to mix their bourbon with anything - not even ice. I am not one of those people. Stud can be, depending on the glass.

Second - OK so you have your bourbon. Now you need a mint julep cup. This is not just a cup. A true mint julep cup is a sterling silver cup - truly frat-tastic. If you want to go all out, then you need to get your julep cups at Wakefield-Scearce in Shelbyville, KY. Their julep cups are modeled after the original which was made in Kentucky around 1795. They have signature decorative beading and each one is dated by stamping the initials of the current president on the bottom. In Louisville, they are popular gifts for births, weddings, graduations, and birthdays. Some people judge you on the amount of julep cups you own. I am not one of those people. Stud can be, depending on the person. Kidding, of course. (Sidenote - If you have a party and you catch somebody looking at the bottom of your julep cups to see if it is a Wakefield-Scearce, it is socially acceptable to kick them in the shin and tell them to go stand in the corner and think about what they've done.) Anyhoo - When an icy cold mint julep is in a silver julep cup, the frosting on the outside along with the spring of mint from the top - a truly beautiful sight. Shivers...down my spine. Gulp.

Third and final - how to make a mint julep. Some people add club soda - NO. Some people use granulated or powdered sugar in the bottom of the glass - NO. Some people drink the pre-mixed cocktail - NO - part of the fun is making it! Some people add weird things like fruit and other stupid stuff ABSOLUTELY NOOOOO. OK so here's what you do. You take a 1:1 ratio of water and sugar in a saucepan and boil it until the sugar is dissolved and now you have a simple syrup. If you are making a ton, like me this Derby, do about 3c. water and 3c. sugar. Maybe more. Then take a spring of fresh mint and some ice and crush them together at the bottom of a julep cup. Gotta release those minty juices. Fill the glass the rest of the way with ice, and add bourbon until the glass is about 3/4 full. Then top off with the cooled simple syrup, give it a stir, add a spring of mint, and enjoy. The bourbon to simple syrup ratio is a personal preference, but a julep is really all about the bourbon. And......enjoy. Drooling thinking about it. Candy in my mouth. Please, feel free to try this at home.

April 19, 2010

Festival Update!

So this weekend was AMAZING. The weather could not have been better and I got to spend a ton of time with people who came in from out of town for the engagement party/Thunder. Stud's two best men are his twin cousins (Contractor Clak and Haudge). This past fall, they both up and left Louisville, one moving to Birmingham and the other following the rest of the under 27 population to DC. I have share some pics of them here so they know I was stalking them for the brief stint back in Louisville.

And since I showed you the best men, here are some pics of me with my Maids of Honor (how would you pluralize that?) and the view of the fireworks from my friend's house. And the best part - both my Maids of Honor are in Louisville!! At least until July.....

The day started with Bloody Mary's, delicious food, cornhole and friends. It ended with fireworks, four square and maybe a little power nap before we went to the bars. I don't remember the last time I laughed as hard and as much as I did this weekend.

The Derby Festival event this evening is the Pro Am Golf Tournament and that's all you're going to hear about that. Let the celebrations continue!

April 16, 2010

Kentcuky Derby Festival

OK so here is the deal. The KY Derby is amazing. And it's probably my favorite time of the year and I hated it when I was in college in NC and I couldn't be in Louisville for the festival. For people in Louisville, the Derby is not just one day. It is a two week celebration. And it's always right when spring really starts to warm up, everything is so green, the dogwoods are blooming....amazing. The festival consists of over 70 events, culminating with Oaks and Derby. More on all of that later! So for the next few weeks, this little blog will be an insight to the awesomeness since 75% (aka three of my four readers) live in DC. Losers. With the occasional Daily Fluff.

Tomorrow is Thunder over Louisville. It is the day long kick off to the Derby Festival and one of my favorite events. And for more than a decade, it has remained the largest annual pyrotechnic in North America. Didn't know that little ole' Louisville was so cool did you??

It all starts around 3:00 with the airshow which I get to hear practice today as the jets zoooom by my office building. But the stunts they do are amazing. The little kid in me always loves watching the airshows, the jets, and the aerobatics. Another fun fact - did you know that the Thunder Air Show is ranked as one of the top five in the nation??? Pretty cool. Then around 9:30, the fireworks begin. When I was little, Thunder was always a day long event that involved trekking down to my mom's office building. She (luckily) had a corner office that faced the Ohio River and was a great (and air conditioned) place to watch all the days activities. I could watch the planes cut through the buildings downtown and then watch all the fireworks from her 14th floor vantage point. We would also venture down to the Chow Wagon on the Belvedere to stuff our bellies with Snow Cones, Funnel Cakes, and my personal fav, Frater Taters. How can you not love that??

These days, my mom no longer has her amazing office. But last year, two of my good friends moved into a house with a perfect vantage point. So an adult appreciation of Thunder has come on. Now, I get to their house around 3 to see the start of the airshow, and spend the afternoon drinking and eating while appreciating it all far from the body to body crowd that is down by the River. And tomorrow starts even earlier with a little engagement party they are throwing for me and Stud. They will have tons of Bloody Mary's. And Stud's Best Men are coming in from out of town to celebrate with us this weekend. Going to be a great/epic weekend.

April 13, 2010

I'm a Gleek


Glee is by far my favorite show on television. It has the ability to put a smile on my face no matter the day I've had. And it's been on break for months, and tonight, it finally comes back. If you have never watched it, you should. And then you should go and download the songs from iTunes. One of my many favs:

Tune in tonight at 9:28 on Fox.

April 9, 2010

Daily Fluff

Happy six month birthday little man!

Fresh off his morning brushing...fluffly little thing.

April 8, 2010

I miss college...

Why I miss college

Stud: Yeah
dang freshmen
cant handle their liquor
ruining everybodys fun
Stud: i laughed at the "frontloading" part
me: haha
Stud: fucking author is a loser
never heard of pregaming
Stud: no wonder he was picked for that article, he had no friends in college

Four Square

So my friends and I are really cool. The other night, we played a little four square. Since no one had played four square in about 15 years, we had to have a little refresher on the rules. Lucky for us, some hip kindergarten girls happened to be passing. They were kind enough to join the game and help us out. After a while it became obvious that their rules were skewed to keep them as King and we had to kick them out and send them home. Ten seconds to retrieve a ball from out of bounds?? Children these days are so soft.

Anyways, below is an abbreviated list of the rules of four square. I feel like it is significantly more complicated than it was when I was six.

Around The World: Any player in possession of the ball may call Around the World regardless of rank at any moment. If it is called, the calling player can hit it to an adjacent square, and that person must hit it to the remaining adjacent square until it reaches the player who called it, at which point the game returns to normal. A "permanent" version may be called, in which case the sequence must continue until a player gets out, even if it reaches the caller.

Backboards (Treetops, Double tap): Hitting the ball upwards into the air one time before hitting it into another player's square, often used to give a player a better aim.

Baubling (Bubbles, Double Touches, Popcorn, Juggling, etc.): A way to get around holding the ball, one bounces it lightly between their hands before hitting it to another square.

Black Magic: King says “black magic” while twirling a ball in hands before throwing it at another player. When they throw it, they yell “dare!” If the player does not catch it, they must perform a dare of the Kings designation.

Catching between one’s legs (The Annihilator): If this is called, and a player catches the ball between his or her legs (typically between the knees), all players except for the person to catch the ball are out. The person completing the play then moves to the serving position.

Dodge Ball: If a player is able to catch the ball before it bounces in any square or out of bounds, the game play shifts to Dodge Ball, wherein all players must abide by the standard rules for the game Dodge Ball. This entails the player with the ball not taking more than three steps, and attempting to throw another player out by striking them with the ball (recommended only with soft large rubber balls). If the target player catches the ball or the ball misses all players the player who threw the ball is out.

Fairy Bomb: When a player catches the ball they may jump in the air as if about to throw a cherry bomb but instead softly say, "Fairy bomb," and lightly drop the ball in another player's square.

Midget World: The King may call "Midget World" before they serve and all players must play in squatting position for the match.

Passback: If a player calls Passback during a game, the next person must hit it back to that player.

Sharking (Skunk, Sting, etc.): Aiming directly for any part of an opponent's body rather than playing it normally. If the sharker hits the opponent, the opponent is out. If the opponent dodges the ball, the sharker is usually out (because the ball did not bounce in his or her own square).

Spinning ((Texas) Twisters, Screwballs, Peppermint Sticks, etc): Hitting the ball, usually with both hands, in such a way that a spin is imparted on it, causing it to bounce unusually.

Typewriter: A rule in which a player grabs or baubles the ball, moves close to an adjacent square, and bounces the ball in that square a predetermined number of times. The usual variant is to spell out the opponent's name, one letter per bounce. If the player successfully completes the move, the opponent is out. If the opponent hits the ball to disrupt the spelling, the person who initiated the typewriter is out.

The complete list of cooool rules can be found here. The site even has a map of four square locations. Sadly, most are centered around Boston (the four square mecca) and no where near Louisville. Last time we played, we only had four players (after we kicked the kiddos to the curb - cheaters) and need more. Come play. Drink some beer. It's more fun than you think!

April 7, 2010

I heart KY

Who wants to do a taste test with me?

Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon


Daily Fluff

This little lover ate a shoe last night (not mine...whew). We are trying to get him used to sleeping outside of his crate before Derby and all my amazing hosue guests. Guess we still need to work on it.

April 6, 2010

Herb Chicken Salad

So while Stud was dying, I was appreciating some chicken salad my mom had just whipped up for a little summertime dinner. And everyone should know, my mother is an AMAZING cook. I really don't think anything less than delicious has ever been served out of her kitchen. I hope one day to have the same skills. Once Stud had come back to life, I harassed her for the recipe. I normally stick with my curry chicken salad, but this one, ooh man yum yum. And of course, when I ask her for the recipe, all I get is add a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So here it goes:

My momma's herb chicken salad
Roast chickens and remove meat from bone. Mix with:
White wine vinegar
Chopped Tarragon
Chopped Parsley
Green Onions

With her measurement-less recipes, I usually start with small amounts and keep adding until it tastes amazing. Because it will. So I will probably be making some of this in the near future.

April 5, 2010

So this happened

So last night, Stud and I were having dinner at my parents house. Some delicious chicken salad, avocados, asparagus, tomatoes and deviled eggs. Bring on summer. Then I look over at Stud, who has obviously swallowed an air bubble and is trying to burp it up. Totally normal.

THEN HE KEELS OVER. Limp, face in his food. Out cold. I am shaking him and my parents still think Stud is some sort of freak. I get up, my parents realize that he has passed out and all we can think is that he is choking on some delish chicken salad. He falls out of his chair and in my super human strength, I keep him from injuring himself as I lower him to the ground. My dad then tries to give the Heimlich since we still think he is dying and I notice that his eyes are starting to refocus. He is alive. Whew. But still not speaking. A few more seconds and he speaks. He had no idea what had happened. But as a future doctor, as he gathers the details, he immediately begins self diagnosing. And as of this morning, he needed a heart transplant. But he has moved on from that and he has...(I am copying and pasting this from him)

A typical neurocardiological episode of syncope (medical jargon for passing out). There are a lot of triggers for it to occur, like giving blood, seeing blood, getting into a hot shower, etc etc- one really rare trigger is called swallowing syncope. There are two types 1) drinking a cold carbonated beverage (Stud was enjoying a delicious cold Bud Light) 2) swallowing a big mouthful of food, called the vaso-bagel response. The swallowing being a trigger is really rare (he is a medical freak), the episode itself isn't serious unless it happens a lot. It typically happens to young healthy people who happen to have a trigger.

So Stud will survive. Whew. I thought he was a goner for a while as he lay unconscious on my parents kitchen floor.

PS the chicken salad was really good. Made fresh by the mother. I'll get the receipe and maybe, if I'm kind, I will share it with you, my few and far between blog stalkers.

April 1, 2010

Daily Fluff

This is Beau the day we picked him up. Love at first sight.


My friend Bevo is back from Thailand where she was teaching English for six months. Pretty friends!

We are too cool for you.


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