May 20, 2010

Daily Fluff

Blog world, please meet Dublin.

Dublin belongs to my friends in Nashville and I am so pleased that their time in Louisville over Derby with Beau did not deter them from puppy parenthood.  Dublin is a cockapoo, so Beau and Dublin are BBFs by genetics.  Although the size difference might cause a bit of a problem...

And here are just a few things they can look forward to as puppy parents!

But really, we all know my obsession with Beau despite his antics. Dublin will be a great dog and I can't wait for Beau and Dublin to have their first play date!


Madison said...

I concur... Toms are the BOMB!

Hope to see you this weekend!

MB said...

I love this post - thanks for spreading the cuteness of Dublin McFurly. I can't wait for our dog-sons to meet! Oh, and I'm about to start blogging myself...I'm just struggling with the name!


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