May 19, 2010


I love when I can use charity as an excuse to go shopping. Enter TOMS. I have a pair of coral polka dot TOMS that I love.

For their look, they are surprisingly slipper-like yet add quite a bit of pizazz to my outfit. I got several compliments on them when I wore them to the office on casual Friday. My dad on the other hand never fails to tell me he thinks they look stupid. Even if my father had the go to fashion sense and my shoes were in fact stupid, then I would still buy TOMS.

The company was started in 2006 and had the idea to start a show company where every pair of shoes sold was matched with a pair donated to children in need. It has now taken on the name One for One Movement. When I buy myself a pair of TOMS, I know my love of shoes is benefiting a child who otherwise would not have shoes to wear. Makes me think I should just keep on buying. If only I could write my shoes off as a donation on my taxes.....

So, while oogling the newest TOMS designs, I stumbled across something amazing. In June, TOMS is releasing a new shoe design. Which happens to be a style for which I have been looking for quite some time. TOMS is releasing a canvas wedge. Now I am not one to wear heels on a regular basis, but from my itty bit of experience, I know wedges > stilettos. And I can wear them to the office. And they are reasonably priced. So you can bet I signed up for the email informing me of the release date and when I can buy myself a pair. And I will rest easy knowing I gave a pair of shoes to a child in need as well.

I love TOMS and you should too. They have men's TOMS. And if you buy some, it makes you a better person.

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Sam said...

I really want to buy these! Can you email me where you bought them?


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