September 23, 2012

Soup Season!

Stud and I have out first soup of the season simmering on the stove for dinner! A delicious batch of chicken gumbo (chicken stock and a roast chicken vs turkey). We added 2 jalapeños in with the veggies, seems to be a great addition for my spice loving husband.

I love fall.

September 18, 2012


Things have been happening up here in Rhode Island!

Over Labor Day, I flew down to Atlanta and spent the weekend with some great friends on Lake Rabun.  After moving to a new area where I don't know many people, it was so relaxing to spend a weekend with good friends from home and college.  Our activities included pontooning, tubing, jumping, swimming, drinking, eating, napping, sunning, and laughing.  Poor Stud could not come along, but we are hoping we can all do it next year and he can join! The work schedule of an intern does not provide for much freedom....poor guy.  I did bring him back a party favor, some neon shades.

The following weekend my parents came to visit and we had a blast exploring Providence.  We went down to Newport (it's after Labor Day, significantly more manageable!), and had lobster rolls on the beach., YUM! We also explored a good portion of the restaurants in the city, some I had been waiting to try for a while.  Al Forno (an Ina Garten fav), might have been the most tasty...but they were all so good.  We also went over to Federal Hill which is the Italian part of Providence.  It has some phenomenal food stores, and I stocked up on Italian goodies.  Including some Porchetta and this delicious mozzarella roll that included arugula and prosciutto.  We had some good sandwiches last week!

In other news, I have started a job!  Woohoo for employment!  And my computer has decided to lose it's mind, so I am currently blogging from Stud's computer which does not like blogging.  I have to do one picture at a time and I have another delicious looking sandwich that it refused to upload.  I will try and keep up with the blog as things change again around here.  Now I am off to make some pasta for dinner!


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