May 17, 2010

Dark Cloud

Vacation was amazing.  Like really amazing.  I drank several Bloody Mary's and spent all day on the beach - except for the one day we hit the outlet malls.  I will come back with some pictures to make you jealous in a few.  But there is something more pressing that is happening in the real world.  I knew it was going to be bad when I got an email from Stud simply titled "Noooooooooo!"

NBC Cancels ‘Law & Order’

I mean, what are they thinking???  It has been on the air since 1990.  I was 4.  They say that a new show "Law & Order: Los Angeles" or LOLA (gag) for short will take over the story lines that would normally be found on the regular Law & Order.  At least they did renew SVU.  I might have had to boycott the station if the cancelled SVU and I really need The Office and 30 Rock in my life.  Anyways, I probably won't watch LOLA (gag).  But I will open a bottle of wine or two with Stud on his next free night, settle down on the couch and memorialize Law & Order by watching a marathon.

Which I will continue to do post cancellation, but hey, I am always looking for a reason to drink wine.

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