OK since Beau is really the star of my little blog, I thought I would share some more information about the little fluffer nutter.

Beau was born on October 9, 2009 and his mother is a Goldendoodle and his father is a poodle - so he is really a Goldendoodloodle, but Stud thinks that makes him sound too girly.  Stud told me he would only love a golden retriever, but I refuse to live my life coated in dog fur, so we compromised.  We could get a goldendoodle if it we got a boy and he was red.  We got a puppy much earlier than planned to meet these criteria.  Over Thanksgiving 2009, Stud and I drove up to the breeder, Hilltop Pups, in Santa Claus, IN and brought home our first child.

So this page will be a little shrine to Beau since he is adorable and precious and the cutest dog ever and I know you are jealous.  And I will try and keep it updated with useful puppy information.  Like that the Nylabone for Powerful Chewers is the best chew bone ever.

Things Beau loves: chewing, eating, biting, building forts in the bushes, snuggle time, playing at the dog park, walks, food, and car rides

Things Beau hates: getting brushed, swimming, boredom, and cats

Useful Puppy Items:

All About Beau:


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