April 28, 2010


Tonight is the Steamboat Race. Not as cool as the balloon race. Maybe you’ll get to hear more about it next year since today I have decided it’s high time you heard about Derby Fashion.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside on the first Saturday in May – people are in their spring best. And it’s really all about preppy. The men wear seersucker suits, light jackets, and colorful ties. They all look so handsome. And the women. Some I’m sure spend more money on their Derby outfits than they did for their tickets, or what they will spend at the betting window that day. The women, like the men, can be found wearing the brightest colors and HATS. Oh the hats. They are, along with all other horse racing events, the must have item. But – do you buy the hat and then match your dress, or try to find a hat that matches a dress you already have???? Typical chicken and egg scenario. You will see everything from homemade beauties in the infield to high end designer hats over on the Third Floor and Millionaire’s Row. Our local paper has an entire section dedicated to hat shopping. I personally have never worn a hat because I feel silly in hats and I have never had the time or resources to dedicated to finding the perfect hat. If I was a good blogger, I would do my research and tell you the hat trends for 2010, but alas. I am just here for my own self gratification since I am obsessed with blogs.

This year, for the second year in a row, Churchill Downs is partnering with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and Horses and Hope. Oaks Day (Friday) will be a “Pink Out” in which all attendees (infield and otherwise) are encouraged to incorporated pink into their outfit. More on that on Friday!

I am off to the track (sidenote - when Louisvillians speak of the track, they are referring to Churchill Downs.  I had many people in college give me weird looks thinking I was heading to the gym to spend the day at the track - like track and field. No sir.  Kentucky does not exercise!). So today I will be spending the day with my office – betting while getting paid….good day.

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