April 23, 2010

Target gets an A+

Brief and important interruption from the Derby posts. So I allowed myself to go to Target last night. It had been a while and I know the weakness I have for the place. It sucks my money away. And my mom told me that I couldn't register for clothes and shoes at Target for wedding presents. Ugh. Anyways, I went last night. DANGER. Merona is on a roll. I mean, how am I supposed to focus on getting baskets and shampoo when these beauties are distracting meee??

And I blame Caro for a few of these obsessions after our little gchat this morning. Some of these may already be mine, and some may be in the near future. And if you like them, click away on the images, I linked them up for you cause I'm a super nice person. Target, you are my weakness.

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