April 5, 2010

So this happened

So last night, Stud and I were having dinner at my parents house. Some delicious chicken salad, avocados, asparagus, tomatoes and deviled eggs. Bring on summer. Then I look over at Stud, who has obviously swallowed an air bubble and is trying to burp it up. Totally normal.

THEN HE KEELS OVER. Limp, face in his food. Out cold. I am shaking him and my parents still think Stud is some sort of freak. I get up, my parents realize that he has passed out and all we can think is that he is choking on some delish chicken salad. He falls out of his chair and in my super human strength, I keep him from injuring himself as I lower him to the ground. My dad then tries to give the Heimlich since we still think he is dying and I notice that his eyes are starting to refocus. He is alive. Whew. But still not speaking. A few more seconds and he speaks. He had no idea what had happened. But as a future doctor, as he gathers the details, he immediately begins self diagnosing. And as of this morning, he needed a heart transplant. But he has moved on from that and he has...(I am copying and pasting this from him)

A typical neurocardiological episode of syncope (medical jargon for passing out). There are a lot of triggers for it to occur, like giving blood, seeing blood, getting into a hot shower, etc etc- one really rare trigger is called swallowing syncope. There are two types 1) drinking a cold carbonated beverage (Stud was enjoying a delicious cold Bud Light) 2) swallowing a big mouthful of food, called the vaso-bagel response. The swallowing being a trigger is really rare (he is a medical freak), the episode itself isn't serious unless it happens a lot. It typically happens to young healthy people who happen to have a trigger.

So Stud will survive. Whew. I thought he was a goner for a while as he lay unconscious on my parents kitchen floor.

PS the chicken salad was really good. Made fresh by the mother. I'll get the receipe and maybe, if I'm kind, I will share it with you, my few and far between blog stalkers.

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