February 7, 2012

Breakfast Chorizo Hash

Breakfast is one of my all time favorite meals.  I love eggs and sausage and bacon (duh), and so I jump on any opportunity to incorporate these foods into my weekly menu.  Sometimes they manifest as an easy, quick dinner, and sometimes Stud and I capitalize on the few relaxing weekend mornings we get to spend together.  I was going through my iPhone (sorry, those are the pictures the blog gets these days) and I realized I have several breakfast recipes I hadn’t posted.  They acted as motivation for me to type up some easy recipes and get them up here! 

 Breakfast Hash
2 chorizo sausages
½ bag frozen hash browns (we had the little cubes)
2 eggs
Toppings: Sour cream, salsa, guacamole, pickled red onions (my new favorite thing)

Remove the casings from the chorizo and break apart the meat.  Saut√© until hot and aromatic.  Add in the potatoes (I just tossed them in frozen) with some butter, bacon fat (!!), or oil to help grease the pan.  Follow the stovetop instructions for the hash browns.  While the hash browns are cooking, heat up the broiler.  Once the potatoes are good and crispy, make two holes (or more if you want more eggs), and crack two eggs into the holes.  Lower the heat to low and let whites cook most of the way through on the stovetop.  Once they are mostly cooked, put the whole pan under the broiler for a few minutes until the whites of the eggs are cooked.  Remove the pan and dish out the hash and cover with toppings of your choice!

Pretty quick brunch for a Saturday morning.  I was originally planning to make this with leftover corned beef, but what can you do when someone gets a little hungry and eats it all, so I resorted to the chorizo stock in our freezer.  Having a well stocked freezer is the best.  Stud and I were feeling exceptionally lazy the other night and thawed some gumbo for dinner, and it was super easy.  Makes those Sunday’s spent making soup worth it!!

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Terence said...

Awesome and delicious food.


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