August 3, 2012


Hello everyone!!

Well, I'm back! Back whenever my last post was (so long SO SORRY), and I fell off the blogging earth, I was consumed by work, my MBA, and trying to figure out what Stud was going to do with his life.  Since then, there have been some huge happenings!  To sum it all up if there are any of you who aren't friends and family - Stud graduated, I graduated, we went to Thailand, and then moved to Providence, RI!  That makes it all seem so easy....But don't be fooled!  There were several weeks in there where it was a mad panic, mainly the one week we had between Thailand and the date for our movers to arrive.  So Stud is a real doctor, practicing Emergency Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital with the Brown University residency program (I have yet to hear the end of the Ivy League-ness coming out of his mouth....).  For all those concerned, and I'm pretty sure the main reason people come back to this blog, Beau has transitioned well to life in New England.  He has also gotten over his fear of waves and seems to be enjoying the ocean.

So, from now on, I will try and be a better blogger and update friends and family on our happenings here in Rhode Island as well as my experiments with seafood.  Below are some pictures to summarize what we have been up to!

Koh Tao, Thailand

Driving the 16 hrs. to Providence from Louisville
Beach dog!

Friends came to visit!



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