September 6, 2011

Cliffs and Jazz

So I had a string of shifts the last couple of days so haven't had much time to explore until yesterday. I am not going to talk much about work for 3 reasons: 1. HIPPA 2. It will take way too much typing and I'm fairly lazy 3. You might lose your lunch if I go into detailed ER stories. So, I will continue to focus on the stuff I do during my time off. Yesterday I decided to walk the Coastal Trail, which is part of the Golden Gate Recreational Area. This park-ish area is a huge part of the coastal area of the city. You can theoretically walk almost half of the coastline of the city in the park. This trail starts at a beach fairly close to my neighborhood that is apparently the most popular surfing spot in the city. My phone camera doesn't zoom, but there were about 30 people out in wetsuits hitting the waves.The trail then goes up some steep cliffs and, after rounding a point on the peninsula, Golden Gate Bridge comes into view. I walked several miles along the cliffs but didn't walk all the way to downtown because I got hungry and started dreaming of Doner kebab.

I also found a little cave along the cliffs that had a cool view of the surf coming in below me.

There is also apparently a coyote problem in the city. Who knew?

I ended the evening downtown at a little speakeasy for some Jazz. I was that sketchy guy sitting alone in the corner. That's what you get when you are alone in a city for a month with no cable or internet. Anyway, it was a great show...the saxophonist looked like Miles Davis after several hundred Big Macs.
Not something you find around the corner in Louisville and not a bad way to rest your tired feet.

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