September 2, 2011

Real work is hard

So, my free days of exploring the city without a care in the world are now over. Real work is hard. I have some time this morning and should be memorizing every antibiotic regimen used here at UCSF for every common infection (as my attending advised), but instead I'm on the internet at a coffee shop. I can memorize on my walk in to the hospital this afternoon. Anyway, yesterday I had a couple hours of procrastinating time and headed down to Chinatown for some dim sum. I decided to pay a little extra for the sample platter so I could get a little bit of almost everything on the menu. That picture is only one course. $18 for about 3 meals? Deal. My to-go box weighed 4 pounds. Breakfast AND lunch today. I also headed back up to Coit tower to read with a view, and actually got a pic of the walk down the steps this time. The wooden steps are technically a "street" and the people who have little walkways off the stairs to get to their houses have addresses on this "street."I'd hate to be the mailman or movers who have to trek up/down 1000 stairs to get to the front door.

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