September 7, 2011

Staring with your head slightly tilted

I had a splinting workshop today so I could learn how to properly immobilize broken/dislocated body parts. After that, I headed to the museum of modern art because it is free on the first Tuesday of the month. The real art museum was on the other side of town and I didn’t have time to get there before it closed, so seeing as I had nothing better to do, I decided to check out this “museum.” To preface this, I have zero art knowledge. None. I am 100% ignorant on all things art. But still, these are the types of things at this “art museum.” I mean, a black rectangle?A blue arc? I know for a fact that I did that exact same drawing in kindergarten, except I added several more colors and called it a rainbow. My parents still have it on the wall going down to the basement. Sitting on a freaking gold mine and don't even know it...

I have decided a modern art museum is a place one goes to stare for a significant amount of time, with one’s head slightly tilted, at something extremely simple and stupid on a wall like a black rectangle. As far as I’ve been able to gather, the only point to this activity is to try to get other people to notice you staring intently at this simple black rectangle and think, “Wow! That guy is a genius. He must be divining the meaning of the world through that black rectangle. Or maybe he has found Nirvana through its blackness. I certainly couldn’t find the meaning of the world or Nirvana through that simple black rectangle, so he clearly is a better person than me. I bet if I find something equally as simple on a different wall in this museum and stare at it for a long period of time with my head slightly tilted other people might think I am very smart and interesting as well. Oh hey, there is a blue arc on that wall over there with nobody in front of it! Maybe I can pick up a hot date this way…” And so it spreads like a virus. Idiocy.

Now, good old Wake Forest has properly taught me that every time I exert an opinion I need to discuss the opposing view as well, so as to not look like I haven't thoroughly thought about the topic. So I must say, that in my flight to get out of this mad house I found a room that actually had some cool pictures. Some photographer had traveled around the world taking pictures of random things that other people would probably never think to photograph. It might have been worth seeing. Here is a refugee family in Africa. That father has crazy eyes.

After a brief pause in this room, I couldn't find the exit fast enough.

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You might consider this for your next art acquisition:


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