September 15, 2010

Ready for FALL! (pt 1)

I am so ready for fall.  I am done with the humidity.  I am done with the temps hovering in the upper 90s.  It's going to be 94 here today.  It's September.  I'm through with that.  I am ready for a breeze, for cool nights, for fire pits.  I have officially decided that fall is by far my favorite season.  I decided to summarize my excitement for fall into a top ten list:

10. I love that general feeling of everything slowing down.  Taking the time to enjoy things.  Especially after this summer of wedding planning/MBA class/working full time/living it will be nice to unwind, enjoy a glass of wine outside and relax.

9. The change in the leaves and the colors of fall. I love the oranges, yellows, and reds that come with fall. I love the warmth they bring. It always amazes me how bright the colors are on the trees.

8. New clothes. Not new clothes, but all the clothes in my closet that have been resting over the summer. The ones I was sick of last spring. My sweater dresses, my tights, boots, jeans, winter coats.... Can't wait to bring back the wool and coziness. I may have snuck one in over the weekend.

7. Fall activities - Keeneland and Churchill Downs open back up. I can go to Hubers and get a pumpkin. And then carve it. I don't keep up with it, but I can now watch some college football. Go Demon Deacons!

6. Thanksgiving is technically encroaching on winter, but I feel like it epitomizes fall much better than winter. So it's a fall holiday. I love the feeling of Thanksgiving, and it's probably one of my favorite holidays. My family always starts off with Bloody Mary's and eats our "dinner" around 2pm. Gives you just enough time to enjoy a nice long I-ate-way-too-much meal and then still be hungry enough for a second meal, maybe after a nice long walk though the neighborhood. And then we have Stud's family dinner. He has such a huge fun family, it's nice to have my little family lunch and then Stud's large family gathering. And it will also be our first family holiday as marrieds. And there will be a new babe (I will also be an aunt soon - SO EXCITING) in the family so I will get to snuggle a teeny tiny baby.

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