September 16, 2010


I have a long torrid history with bed bugs.  They have been part of my life twice in the past five years and I do not like them one bit.  You see, I have highly sensitive skin to bugs bites (so says Stud, the doctor) and beg bugs...well they have some vicious bites.  I mean, I can get ten mosquito bites in five minutes.  So a whole night laying as a feast for bed bugs?  When they were at their worst, I woke up the following morning with somewhere north of a HUNDRED bites JUST ON MY LEGS.  That did not include the ones on my arms and stomach.  I had blisters.  And I now have scars.  To say I have issues when it comes to bed bugs would be an understatement. 

So when I heard on the news last night that my dear alma mater had closed dorms to eradicate bed bugs, I release a huge sigh of relief that I escaped in time.  I bet they are in Collins.  Or Poteat.  If they are and you live there, I apologize.  They can probably still smell me there and are hunting me down.  I have escaped their little grasps twice with only minor damage.  It seems Wake Forest is taking all the proper steps to ensure the beg bugs do not become a huge problem, though I have sneaking fears that bed bugs will be in my life again, probably more than once more.  They seem to be spreading.  Therefore, my travels will always include some major Benadryl, Crotizone Cream, and the knowledge that this soon shall pass.  And everything from the suitcase immediately goes into the dryer.

If you have any questions about bed bugs, I like to call myself well versed in the matter.  Feel free to ask away.


Lesley said...

I saw this! and immediately started itching and turning red and overall freaking out. they are everywhere and the memories just won't go away. i can't think of two worst words than bed bugs. ::shudder::

(and i would bet they are definitely in poteat)

Beth said...

Wait! Does putting things in the dryer kill the little buggers. Is this something I should remember?


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