July 9, 2010

TV Guide

OK so Stud and I only have a cable box on one TV. So only one TV gets the fancy guide that pops up on the screen. With all the other TVs, I go to 99 and watch the TV Guide Channel. Now I had accepted that they were shrinking it down to itsy bitsy so I had to squint to read what's on all the channels. I wasn't pleased, but I would survive.

So last night, Stud and I turn to TV Guide to see what's on AND THEY HAVE TAKEN THE LISTINGS OFF COMPLETELY. I am not OK with this TV Guide. Not one bit. Now I have no idea what's on any of the channels and I am forced to channel surf. And I always hit commercials. I bet there was a really good episode of Criminal Minds on last night, but I have no idea because commercials were on channel 21. Or House Hunters, but again, commercials on 51. So I fell asleep listening to Curb Your Enthusiasm which was what had replaced my show listings. And fuming because I did not want to support this behavior. But what else was I to do?!?! I did not sleep well last night - I was plotting my revenge. Any ideas?

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