July 12, 2010

A KY Weekend

This weekend, Stud and I decided to take advantage of the below 95 degree heat and one of his few remaining free weekends. On Saturday, we packed up a day pack and drove the two hours to hike in Red River Gorge. It’s part of the Clifty Wilderness. It’s pretty amazing. So off we went to spend the day with nature. We hiked about nine miles with Beau and our hike included getting lost, being mauled by a spider, some cliff climbing, and some views. You can see the "trail" we were on while lost below.  It was a little tight.  Every time we go, we do one trail, and then always end with a four mile hike that takes you to Courthouse Rock and back. It’s always where we sit, relax, eat some snacks, and become one with the trees and all that woodsy nature-y stuff. We are tree people.  And I am now proudly sporting some massive blisters.  And chigger bites.

And then we spent Saturday night on the river. Forecastle Festival was this past weekend on the waterfront, and we were lucky enough to cruise down and appreciate some of the music from the River. For free! Days like these, I can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else.

And I spent Sunday by the pool - gooood weekend!

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