July 2, 2010

A New View

Last weekend, Stud's aunts and uncles hosted an amazing party at Churhcill Downs.  I think had it been Derby, we would have been on Millionaire's Row.  At least that's what my wristband told me.  The wristband gave me unlimited access to food and drink.  I tell you, dieting for a wedding is a breeeeze.  Especially when followed with Taco Bell for dinner.  Yeah!  Just one of the many perks of Millionaire's Row.  We had a huge suite and there were thirty of us in there and it never felt crowded at all.  There were plenty of TV's so we could watch the US lose to Ghana in the World Cup.  That defeat sent many people back to the bar.  Being up that high gave us a great view of the track.  You could see the horses as the came all the way around, not just the stretch like you can from most seats.  And we had AC - huge perk in this lovely KY summer humidity.  The party also made the twinsies come back in town (since their parents were hosting), and it is always fun to see them.  By the end of the day, people were cashing some tickets and winning money!  Stud and I did some bets together and we ended up with a successful trifecta and exacta.  We are such professionals.  Made up for my losing morning - I was only down $8 at the end of the day.  Pretty good if I do say so myself.  Winning is always better, but being out $8 after that great day - not too shabby.

Good day with great friends.  I was also toutured by Churchill Charlie.  It was awful.

And back to the track tomorrow for some more crawfish!


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