July 22, 2010

Louisville DRAMA

So my hood is at war with CSX.

We have this battle going on about the train horns in my hood.  Something happened, or more didn't happen (I think) and now the trains blow their horn at every crossing.  We used to be a "quiet zone" and now, I'll admit, the train horns are obnoxious.  And I don't even live right next to them, I live about four blocks back.  But on an actually pleasant night the other week, Stud and I kept the windows open and they did blast the train horns at EVERY crossing, no matter the time.  It was a restless night, but I got used to it quickly (Stud....not so much...the boy is a little rough around the edges without his full, uninterrupted eight-ten hours)  And now that it's back to sweltering heat and we are using our monster AC, I can't hear the trains at all.  I actually thought they had stopped the honking.  But the battle continues and should I choose to take up the cause, I can join a Facebook group!

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