June 22, 2010

Pizza Night - BBQ Chicken

So with the success of the Potato Pizza, Stud and I have decided to add Pizza Night to the week.  They are so quick, they really only take 10-30 mins to make depending on the pizza and therefore are a quick and delicious dinner!  So this week was another attempt at BBQ Chicken Pizza.  We made it for our families last week and it did not go so well.  Apparently BBQ Chicken does not need the 30 minutes in the oven the potato pizza takes.  Whoopsies.  And there was not nearly enough cheese.  But I like to think Stud and learn quickly from our mistakes.  And this pizza was REALLY easy.

BBQ Chicken Pizza
1 Dough Ball
2 Chicken Breasts
BBQ Sauce of your choice
2 c. mozzarella cheese
1/2 red onion chopped into thin slices
Fresh cilantro

First, cook the chicken breasts in a shallow dish with BBQ sauce in the oven for about 25 mins.  Once they are done, slice into thin strips, and I tossed the strips with the BBQ sauce left in the pan.  Can't hurt to have too much BBQ sauce....

For the pizza, stretch the dough out to cover a cookie sheet (first put down a thin layer of olive oil) and then cover with a generous layer of BBQ sauce.  Stud actually has an obsession with BBQ sauce, so we were using homemade sauce.  I have no idea what he put in it or I would tell you.  Sounds like he is working his way up to a super secret recipe.  Then cover with a thick layer of cheese and add the red onions and pop in the oven for about 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, remove the pizza and add the chicken.  Put back in the oven for 5-7 minutes until the edges are nice and toasty brown.  When you take the pizza out of the oven, sprinkle with fresh cilantro and you're ready to eat!!  Pretty quick and easy if I do say so myself.  Each pizza makes 12 slices, so it also makes enough for lunch the next day.  And this got major thumbs up from Stud. 

Next week is my choice and we are making breakfast pizza!

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