June 23, 2010

Daily Fluff

I think Beau is finally on the mend!  After spending the weekend with my parents, he was doing much better after his bout of deathly illness.  But then, as soon as he came home, right back to it.  He wouldn't even eat his breakfast.  And this is a dog that eats everything in sight.  So then Stud is outside watching him and hears him eating something.  He goes to check on him and he is eating a chunk of wood and paint off the side of the garage.  Good.  Beau has lead poisoning.  Stud took him back to the vet to make sure, and since he had barfed up a huge chunk of plastic (who knows where he got that), he got some x-rays.  Along with a blood test, a lead test, and a barium feed in case they needed to do more x-rays.  We are not sure if it's actually lead poisoning, but since Stud put up some chicken wire and kept Beau from eating the garage, Beau has been back to his normal wild man self.  AKA eating my legs while I am walking, biting me, running around growling, etc... And hopefully there will be no permanent damage to his little brain.  He's a smart one, and so far, he is showing no sign of neurological damage.  He was a little loopy while high on lead, but much better now.  Also - note to dog owners.  Lead apparently has a sweet taste, so once they have some, they will keep going back for more.

And as a get well present I made him the bed in the picture.  He's a prepster - it's seersucker. 

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