June 21, 2010

Burlington, VT

Stud and I had a great weekend visiting my brother in Burlington.  He is taking summer classes and will be a senior this fall and graduate in December.  I need to remember to remind him how OLD that makes him.  Over the four days we were there, we got a great taste of life up there.  A little hiking, an afternoon by the lake with a beer, mornings on the waterfront with coffee.  Very relaxing weekend.

But what we did most of the time was EAT.  Really good food.  The pic is from Shelburne Farms which has only food grown in their garden or at local Vermont farms.  And I had the steak with blue cheese butter.  OK delicious (along with the steak was kale, fingerling potatoes and mushrooms.  Stud and Broski had salad with fresh strawberries and feta and for dessert there was a shared lava cake).  There was also Sneakers (breakfast burrito with home fries) which is the Broski's favorite breakfast place, but Penny Cluse (chorizo and egg tacos with black beans and guacamole) was pretty amazing as well.  We pretty much only had two meals a day so one day we opted for lunch instead of breakfast and went to the Red Onion and devoured huge sandwiches (turkey, bacon, local cheddar cheese, red onion, and sun dried tomato aioli).  Stud actually ate there twice, and I had Ben and Jerry's for lunch one day.  We also had dinner at the Vermont Pub and Brew (the Rachel - a Reuben with turkey) as well as Piecasso which is an AMAZING pizza place in Stowe (BBQ chicken and white with pesto, broccoli, and chicken).  It's actually where Broski goes after every ski trip for a snack and a beer.  Speaking of beer - great microbrews in Burlington.  The obvious favorite was Switchback which is not even bottled, only available on draft.  Did you know that Burlington ranks first nationally in craft breweries per capita?  So it was a weekend of delicious food and amazing drink.  The wedding diet is going swimmingly if you are curious.

We did do other things besides eat and drink.  We hiked to Sterling Pond on Mt. Mansfield and visited the Magic Hat Brewery.  Stud and I also spent many hours wandering around Church Street in downtown Burlington taking in the shops and sights of the town.  Overall, well worth a long weekend trip.

Oh and to top it off, the hottest day was 85 with minimal humidity.  Nice perk.

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