June 1, 2010

Good weekend

This past weekend was great - three days long and full of great activites.  Remember when I talked about the backside of Churchill Downs being the best place?  I went on Sunday to enjoy some crawfish, and it was amazing.  There was tons of food, beer, and horses.

And I offically can eat a crawfish like a professional now.  There was a stable guy who was rather skilled at eating crawfish.  I now know how to get all the meat out of the body without "fighting" with it as I was doing before.  All you do it twist the body off, pinch the end of the tail, bite the meat and pull.  Voila!  I also am not quite comfortable with eating the brains.  A little too National Geographic for me.  But the crawfish were big enough that you could eat the claw meat.  That I did do.  So good, such a relaxing way to spend part of my Memorial Day weekend.  And we were such good eaters we have a standing invitation to all crawfish boils at this barn.  The Maids and I can really put away some food.

Soon I am going to learn how to have a crawfish boil myself since I love them so.  All I need is a turkey frier, some spices from Louisana, and crawfish!  Who wants to come??

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