January 26, 2014

Ski Bunnies

Hey everyone! I'm kinda keeping up right?!?  Well, we have been a little busy lately.  Stud has finally emerged from the back hole that was his November / December schedule and we have been trying to do as much as we can in his few days off! He worked all the holidays, and I went home. He was working 12 hr shifts and told me he would be more miserable if I was in RI alone, so home I went.  My time home in December was great!! My office is CLOSED for the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day, so it makes it so easy for me to have a nice break home where I can relax.

When I made it back to Providence, the mild winter had ended, but so had Stud's miserable schedule!  We have been able to get out of Providence and go skiing twice this month, both times to Stowe, VT.  Stud has been skiing forever, and I am just getting started, so the more I am out there, the better I am!! I can aaaalmost keep up....on the bunny slopes.  We were able to go with a big group of friends one weekend and then just the two of us the second weekend.

We have recently discovered that there is some pretty good skiing only about an hour from Providence at Wachusett Mountain!  I have been able to get up there once and Stud is heading up soon.  I can't think of a better way to get out and actually be active this winter.  I am hoping we will see the end of the single digit temps soon as well so we will be able to go more often!

I am so glad Stud has been able to enjoy winter, even though I think we have about a million months left of it.  I am ready for the warmth!!!!!

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