May 5, 2011

A Different Derby Race!

I finally found something about the Derby Festival that I didn't mention last year in my thorough coverage.  Last weekend, Stud ran in the Derby Festival Mini Marathon!  I, being the loving wife, dropped him off downtown at 6:30, went home and watched all my DVR'd shows from the week (I remained in my PJs and relaxed with my coffee), and the returned to watch him cross the finish line two hours later.  I was standing on the sidelines with my camera at the ready to snap him finishing the race, but when I saw I was so excited to actually see him among the 15,000 racers and he flew by so quickly, I missed my chance.  So here is a little post race pic for you.  With an extremely flooded river in the background.

The mini  (and full) marathons wind through the city the Saturday before Derby and this was the first year I even had the slightest involvement.  Stud also has a good soul and ran the race to donate his medal to a child with cancer, fighting in a different type of race.  It was all organized by the charity Medals4Mettle.  For a lot of people, the mini and full marathon are a huge part of the Derby Festival.  It was good to even be collaterally involved this year.

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