April 12, 2011

Sweet Salmon

Spring has arrived.  And Stud is home from being a Danville doctor.  So the grill has been getting quite the workout.  Last weekend, he had a new recipe for salmon he wanted to try out, courtesy of his Danville host mom.  She prepared it in the oven but with the beautiful weather outside, he thought he'd give it a whirl on the grill. We used the same grilling method from the previous salmon recipe, but added a little sweetness. 

Sweet Salmon
2 T. butter
¼ c. brown sugar
Olive oil

Melt the butter and sugar in the microwave so it forms molten deliciousness.  Season the salmon with the salt and olive oil and place flesh side down over medium heat.  Cook, covered, for seven minutes and then flip so it’s skin side down.  Brush on the sugar/butter mixture.  The flames may shoot up from the butter, so be careful, but it’s burning all the skin off!  Cook for an additional four minutes and then remove.  The skin should peel right off the fish. 

The butter and brown sugar adds such a delicious candy crust to the fish.  The glaze combines well with the flavor and texture of the salmon for a savory sweet dish.  You know what would be really good if you like spicy??  Add in ¼ t. cayenne to the mixture for a little spicey savory sweetness.  That is on the menu next time we have salmon.  It’s like the butter and brown sugar are good for you since they are on salmon…logical, right??

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