April 14, 2011

Grill Bread

Pretty much anytime Stud and I grill, we have grill bread.  I have no idea where the idea came from except from the depths of my mom’s cooking brain.  One day she just decided we should make bread on the grill.  One of the best ideas of all time.  You can really use any bread for this recipe, but I like to use a puligese or other loaf cut into thick slices.  We have even used a baguette before, but thick loaves are better.  

Grill Bread
Sliced bread
Olive oil
1-3 garlic cloves

Brush both sides of the bread with olive oil.  Place on a grill (we do this while the meat is resting after grilling) and flip when toasted.  I just check them periodically, it usually takes just a few minutes.  Once both sides are good and toasty, remove from the grill and (best part!), rub the bread with the clove of garlic.  If the cloves are big enough, it works better if you cut them in half and rub with the cut side.  More garlic!

It probably good to make sure everyone loves garlic before you make this, you could just to plain toasty bread.  And that everyone is ok smelling like garlic after dinner.  But this bread is the perfect summer accompaniment to just about any meat/fish/chicken/anything.  Also, since the grill is already fired up, this bread is a VERY easy yet fancy tasting side dish.  I think we have already had it three times this spring.  And I think that is every time we have grilled.

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