March 14, 2011

REAL food

Stud has abandoned me for the next month while he learns how to be a rural doctor, so it's just me for dinner.  I thought I would share a meal with you that I made for because it was crazy easy for one person and I happened to have everything in the fridge.  And I was starving and this took like ten minutes total.  Some nights, this is the best I can do. And if you're reading this on a phone, I'm sorry the picture is upside down, I have no idea why it's doing that. It's right-side up on my computer! Crazy technology.

Mexican Pizza
1 flour tortilla
1 1/2 c. cheese
1 egg
Any other Mexican toppings you want - I used salsa, hot sauce and sour cream

OK get ready.  Turn the broiler on in the oven.  In a large oven proof skillet, lay down your flour tortilla then layer on the cheese, salsa, and hot sauce and then crack an egg in the middle.  Stick under the broiler until the cheese is starting to brown and the egg is cooked.  Remove, add some sour cream and enjoy!  This was shocking good, so much so that I would make it again even if Stud was home.  And please ignore the fact that my tortilla looks maimed, not sure what happened to it while it was living in the fridge.

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