March 7, 2011


So for a while there I was doing a great job cooking and trying new things.  But this past weekend, I did not make a single thing...the closest I came was toasting a bagel.  Stud and I have managed to mooch all meals this weekend off other people.  My parents made linguine with clams (I wanted to post that one for you and pretend I made it....I did stir....but Stud said that would be lying.  It was delicious, it will be up here soon.  As soon as Costco has clams) and then Stud's parents had us over for soup and grilled sandwiches - reubens and brie with cherry jam.  I had some of both, duh.  Stud and I have been feeling lazy so it was perfect.  BUT this week I have some good things planned!  Some new things as well as some family classics.  SO get ready people.

And since I like all my posts to have pictures and you all have to be getting tired of Beau, here is Chuckles.  We chilled last night...I am already making sure he knows I am the coolest aunt and if he wants to come hang out with me, we can eat ice cream and watch Disney movies all night.  I have no problem buying his love with ice cream and I am secretly obsessed with Disney movies.

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