February 17, 2011

Winter Time Steaks

I forgot!  When I wrote about Potatoes Anna, I completely forgot to tell you how I made our steaks inside!  I got too distracted with the Superbowl and chili, etc etc etc.  And Stud actually let me make these.  He is usually the meat man in our house, and I go with that.  He can do all the grilling, prep, marinating...I still kinda find slabs of raw meat gross, but I love the results so I will survive.  So these steaks.  So amazing.  I used two filets, but I assume it would work with any steaks.  And then you can pretend your in a fancy steak house instead of your kitchen.

Steakhouse Steaks (made inside!)
OK so there aren't really any ingredients...steak, butter, salt, pepper.  Done.  BUT BUT must be made in a cast iron skillet.  It is the only requirement.

Heat the cast iron skillet over medium high heat.  Salt and pepper both sides of the steak and once the cast iron skillet is good and hot, sear each side of the steaks and the sides (I did 1/3 at a time).  Make sure it's a good sear to lock in all the tasty juices.  Once they are seared, place a large pad of butter on top of each steak and put in a 400 degree oven for upwards of 12 minutes, until they reach the desired done-ness.  I like mine medium, which is about 135 degrees.  Oh and make sure you take the temperature in the side to guarantee an accurate read.  Remove from the oven and cover with foil and let sit for ten minutes and then enjoy!

Yeah, putting butter on good steak is like....I don't know....real good.

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