February 1, 2011

Daily Fluff

Beau is a destructive chewer.  There are only a select few toys he cannot destroy and sometimes I feel bad that he only has a few toys.  His favorite (and the most durable) are Nylabones for intense chewers and they recently came out with a line of toys shaped like dinosaurs!  And since poor Beau never gets new toys, I completed his dinosaur collection last weekend when I picked up the brontosaurus to go with the stegosaurus and t-rex that are pretty much unrecognizable at this point.  For only $5 each, Beau can have the complete collection, especially since they last months and months.

Here he is with his new brontosaurus protecting me.  Such a good guard dog.

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blasi said...

saw this and thought... well, this will never be you, but it made me think of you:


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