January 19, 2011

How to make Brussel Sprouts DELICIOUS

As the veggie side to the pot roast, I wanted to do good winter veggie.  Enter second most dreaded childhood food item (second to liver and onions) - brussel sprouts.  But when my mom made brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving this year, I learned to love the little bundles of heaven.  I mean, they are cooked to death in duck fat, how bad can they be??  Oh and BAM BAM bacon jam never hurts anything either.  There were also green beans present for those too chicken to eat the brussel sprouts, but the brussel sprouts were a hit.  Looks like I'm not the only convert among the group.

Brussel Sprouts
25-30 brussel sprouts
3 T. duck fat (or bacon fat)
1 T. bacon jam

Remove the outer leaves from the brussel spouts and cut them in half length wise.  Melt the fat in a non stick skillet and add all the brussel sprouts face down in the skillet over low heat and cook until they are dark brown.  If they are looking dry, add some chicken stock and cook it off to steam them.  Once they are dark brown, add in the bacon jam and toss it all together. 

I promise you will love brussel spouts like this.  They are like little pieces of candy.

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