June 8, 2010

Stud has RETURNED!

No, he was not on vacation nor was he hiding from me.

On Monday, Stud finally took his Step 1 exam for medical school.  It's a long convoluted process to become a doctor and I am so impressed with Stud's ability to stare at a book for 10 hours a day for 40 days.  Basically, should he pass (he should, the boy is brilliant if I do say so myself), he is now able to work in hospitals.  And perform actual doctor-y procedures.  Scary.

Anyways, since Derby weekend, Stud has been hitting various study spots all over the city doing his best to memorize every little fact required of doctors.  And since his mind was so full of medical jargon, there really hasn't been much non-doctor related conversation around the house.  Therefore, I think I have been diagnosed with about seven different diseases in the past 40 days.  I think the worst was when I wondered if my brain was exploding and if I would wake up the following morning.  Oh and I also have an obsessive compulsive personality.  I am pretty sure he is dead on with that one...  He will get his score in three to six weeks so that will be fun slash I really hope he did well so he isn't angry and grouchy because we all know how fun Stud Grouchy Pants can be.  But despite the results, it will be good to have him around again.  He has a full month off - he starts rotations on July 6th - and I already have him planning my dinners and cleaning and doing laundry. HAHA yeah, right.  He went to the pool.  Evil.

So CONGRATULATIONS Stud - one big step (haha) closer to becoming a real doctor.  And to anyone admitted to any hospital for anything for the next two years - should you see this face staring down at you, don't worry, you are in good hands.

Such a handsome fellow.

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