June 8, 2010

The Living Room

The continuation of the changes made to our little abode.  A year ago today I was probably sweating waiting to hear if the sellers had accepted my offer....

The day I closed, I rushed to the house, walked in, and immediately ripped up a corner of the carpet to see the floors underneath.  I found beautiful hardwood floors in decent shape.  The more carpet I pulled up, the more excited I became.  The floors were amazing, I can't believe they had them covered.  There was also evidence that yellow shag was the carpeting for a while.  Thank goodness that was gone.  Ew.  And I discovered that I find carpet removal oddly therapeutic.  All the little staples....  And when you are finished, it looks so much better!  We ended up getting the floors refinished because there were quite a few rotten boards and it had been so long, the floors still had wax instead of polyurethane.  The floor guy is a story for another day...

Stud immediately came in and ripped the window treatments down, he has this weird thing about sunlight.  He needs it or he is very cranky.  The night I closed is one of my favorites of all time.  My parents showed up with drinks, all my friends came over, and we all sat around the dining room table - the only piece of furniture in the house.  The next few weeks were going to be brutal, but Stud and I have made major progress on our little Cape Cod.

This is actually one of the only rooms we did not/plan not to paint.  And there are still little things I want to do in this room (like actually hang the mirror above the fireplace and make the TV table prettier), but for the most part, this room is finished.  The room is a really long rectangle and therefore, it was really hard to arrange without having to put the TV above the fireplace which I DID NOT want to do.  I think we should just get a bigger TV and then you won't notice your distance from the screen!  But I love the front door, I love the fireplace, and I love my newly refinished hardwood floors!  So in conclusion, we didn't really do anything to this room, but here are the before and afters:

Oh and notice the new, lovely crown molding??  That was done my Clak the Handyman.  He did a most wonderful job and now I have crown molding everywhere on the first floor!

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