March 23, 2010

Pretty Art

So I am constantly on the look out for good art. It's REALLY hard. I don't just want to buy something because I need it, and I also don't have a huge expendable income to spend on fancy oils and watercolors. But I would still like to replace all my college era posters with something a little more grown up. So naturally, when I saw this post over at Little Green Notebook, I fell in love. FREE ART?? Yes please.

The New York Public Library has a digital collection of galleries of vintage prints. There are endless possibilities. I can't decide which I like the most.

The botanicals?

Fashion? (probably my fav)

Medical images for Stud's office?

I love all of them. And you just go on the website and can print them off. Stick them with some frames from Michael's (the best place I have found so far to find cheap basic picture frames) and voila! Planning on using some in the soon-to-be guest bedroom, so I'll update with a final product.

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