March 23, 2010

March Madness

I don't follow basketball. I will watch my teams play - and I use the word my very loosely. I follow Louisville and Kentucky because duh I live here. And then good ole Wake Forest, my alma mater. And that's how I make my bracket. I pick my favorites to an extent and then I choose all the smart kid schools. Example - Vanderbilt or Murray State?? Vandy, duh. And I know people who went to Vandy, easy choice. Wake beating Texas, Louisville beating Duke (ha). So my bracket is pretty ugly.

But for my lack of knowledge, I feel like 9/16 is pretty darn good. We'll see how I stand in the office pool against all my boss' kidos. Probably dead last just like last year.

UPDATE - So I'm third in my office pool of 20 with my guessing techniques. YESSSSSS.

UPDATE UPDATE: Choosing Butler over the #1 Syracuse? Yes please.

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