March 16, 2010

HEADLINE: Bears Make Opportunistic Eaters after Long Winter Hibernation (Billings, MT)

OK so this is my life. I work, full-time. I have a house, a mortgage, bills, a dog, and Bif (hereby known as Stud, per his request). Responsibilities. Well Stud is studying to be a doctor. You’d think it’d be hard since you know, they hold hearts and brains in their hands. BUT NO. This week, Stud is travelling across the country with his cousin (hereby known as Contractor Clak) to visit a friend in Sun Valley, ID. He calls when his stupid iPhone permits and tells me things like, oh did you know the Rockies outside of Billings are amazing? I bet you would really love them. It’s such a nice day here, the sun is shining, I’m in the mountains, I can’t wait to go skiing all day tomorrow. Wish you were here… And what am I doing?? Oh yes, toiling away so you can have a hot shower every morning. And it’s overcast. And it’s STILL COLD. Ugh.

Anyways… I wish I could be there with him to see the lovely snippets of America. I have always wanted to drive across the country and I hope Stud knows he’ll be doing it again with me someday. From the stories I have heard about the places they have seen – I am never ever ever living in South Dakota. I mean, they stopped in Mitchell, which was the biggest town they had seen so far and what was the local news headlining?? Oh yes – Boredom Buster! BINGO at the town hall. I mean, I appreciate a quiet lifestyle and all that, but I think I would go crazy.

So in summary. Studying to be a doctor is not hard. They are all lying. It’s a super secret to keep everyone from becoming a doctor because then they wouldn’t get paid as much. And I need Stud to make a lot of money to buy me presents for allowing him his hot showers. Also – Mitchell, SD is not worth a visit, unless you love BINGO. And stay out of Billings, they have hungry bears.

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