March 15, 2010


So I think blogging is a sickness and I really only did this to justify the hours spent checking complete strangers blogs - part of the blogging community and all that jazz. (slash I'm obsessed)

So a little about me - well, that's me and the Bif Stud. After decades of dating (really only about 4.5 years), I convinced him living in sin was the best way of life. He must have decided I'm not a total wack job since we are making things legit in seven short months. But is that really important?? I don't think so. The real love of my life (and probably the main subject of this blog)...

That would be Beauregard, our Goldendoodle. Cuter than your dog...hands down. And here we are. That's me. We'll see if I ever update this again.

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