December 6, 2013

Holiday Season!

Welcome to the holidays!!  I love this time of year, and I feel like I am starting to get into the holiday spirit! It has been oddly warm in Rhode Island (almost 60 today...whattt???), but looks like maybe some winter is coming next week.  Stud and I got our tree up before Thanksgiving, hopefully it survives until Christmas!  He has a TERRIBLE schedule this year, no holidays off, so we started early so he can enjoy the season on his few days off. It was also the last day off we had together until January, so we were one of those weird couples embracing the holiday creep.  We listened to Christmas music for one day then went back to normal until after Thanksgiving...I promise!!

I was able to get home for Thanksgiving, but as I mentioned, poor Stud was stuck here working.  We made some big meals on Monday and Tuesday to last him through the week, Mushroom Lasagna and Bolognese (coming soon!).  So at least I know he was eating well and he had Beau to keep him company.  And I brought him back some gifts and prizes....

I had no idea you could FLY with airplane bottles!!  I crammed as many as I could into one quart size bag, and no questions were asked!  Good to know... I had a great break home, it had been about six months since I had seen my family.  So I did a lot of relaxing, eating, sitting, napping, and eating. As I said, it was nice.  Our Thanksgiving is always a late lunch, and just my family of four (five when Stud can make it), and of course, we need TWO pies for four people.  AND IT WAS ALL AMAZING. I also get to go and see Stud's family for dinner on Thanksgiving, so I get two meals - it's the best. I practice for weeks.  It always so nice to see everyone during the holidays!

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