November 11, 2013

Another Year...

Welp, another year has passed and here I am, blogging again.  I am going to try this time...really I am!  I have no more class (haven't for a while now), Stud and I are still eating delicious foods, and we still are learning about our new city - Providence.  So I thought why not.  Stud has actually been cooking ME dinner for the past month or so (maybe I can get him to write some up here again!), he had a relatively easy month, but we are heading into a long winter with his schedule, and I will be doing a lot more of the cooking.  Example - right now.  Stud is working, and I am experimenting with some Black Bean Burgers.  They are in the oven and they smell delicious, but I think I needed to mash the beans more.... Hopefully they don't completely fall apart!

In conclusion, I am back.  Again.  Woot!

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