November 7, 2011

Winter is Coming....

I hate paying for fresh herbs in the winter.  Mainly because I have them all summer in my garden, and never use them.  And it always seems that I want them when I can't have them, in the winter time when they are dried shriveled up stalks.  So this year I am trying something new.  I am attempting to freeze my herbs for the winter so I can use them when needed and they are all ready to go.  I have done parsley and tarragon so far, I might add Thai basil as well.  All I did was puree the herbs with a tablespoon or so of olive oil, just enough to coat all the shreds of leaves.  I put them in a Ziplock, flattened it all out, labeled it, and stuck the bag in the freezer.  I am very optimistic about my fresh winter herbs, and I will keep you update on the success (or failure...) of my project.

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