October 10, 2011

San Francisco!

Finally, an update!  I was able to go and visit Stud for his last weekend in SF, and we had a great time eating, drinking wine, and exploring the city.  Since we were rounding and counted that weekend as our first anniversary (really a week early), we scored a huge room upgrade at the hotel.  We had great views of the city and I loved watching the fog roll in and out from that high up.  I was supposed to get in late Friday night, but thanks to Continental and some bad weather in Newark, I finally arrived Saturday morning around 9:30.  A very hungover Stud met me at the airport and our adventures began.

 We started off with a lovely walk through the Tenderloin and then some phenomenal coffee from Philz Coffee.  They make your cup just for you.  We then headed up to the Painted Ladies and then onto Haight where I had the pleasure of meeting Stud’s landlord, Harold.  Interesting man.  Anyways, someone was struggling a little bit so we stopped in and split a burrito before moving onto Pier 39.  Which Stud had yet to see. Sea Lions!  I loved it.

From there we walked down to Fisherman’s Warf and then on wards and upwards to Coit Tower.  The stairs up were really beautiful, but not somewhere I would ever want to live.  The views from the top of the tower were amazing, I only wish the fog had burned off just a littttttle more so we could see Golden Gate Bridge.  

 I was getting hungry at this point, so from Coit Tower we walked through China Town and had some dim sum!  New favorite thing.  I’m not really sure what we ate, but it hit the spot.  We poked around in all the weird Chinese food shops before heading back to our hotel so we could rest our feet.

That evening, we played major tourists and bought round trip tickets on the cable car.  They turned around literally a block from our hotel, so we were able to hop in line and were off in no time.  We had no real plans for the night, so when we were cruising down Hyde Street, we saw some wine bars with Happy Hour and hopped off to enjoy the evening.  We ran into a good friend of mine from college (random, and so fun) who had some suggestions for dinner in the area, so we had a fabulous French dinner at Hyde Street Bistro.  At this point, I was fading rapidly (I had left my hotel in Houston around 4am SF time), so we hopped back on the cable car towards our hotel. 

 Day one was PACKED.  But day two was a major change of pace.

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