September 18, 2011

Green Genius

The city of San Francisco has a goal that by 2020 they send zero trash to landfills. Everything will either be composted or recycled. Sounds to green to be true, but every trash receptacle area now has three options: recyclables, compostables, or trash. For example, at the hospital cafeteria, there are four cans for compostable stuff (paper, food, wooden stir sticks, etc), three cans for recyclables (cans, bottles, etc) and only one can for trash. The "trash" can is never full and the other seven cans are stuffed. It is a genius system and I don't know how the rest of the country hasn't caught on to this yet. Or maybe it has and Louisville has just been living under a rock and hasn't picked up on it. Either way, this idea needs to spread because it is working.

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