September 16, 2011


The other night I went to a San Francisco Giants home game against the Padres with my buddy Peron and some of his friends. It was an awesome game. We won 8-3, Carlos Beltran hit 3 home runs, the weather was great, and it was a packed house because the Giants are doing so well this year.At&t Park (and all the names it has had in the past) is an incredible stadium. Above is a picture of the view from the perspective behind home plate. As you probably know, behind the bleachers in the outfield is water, so if you kayak up to just behind the ballpark you might be able to snag a home run ball out of the water.

Below is a picture from our seats. Center field, 3 rows up from the field. Awesome seats for home runs and, as I already mentioned, Carlos Beltran hit 3 homers. We didn't catch any but one came into our section and I participated in the boo's and angry scowls directed at the fat drunk man who caught it and refused to give it to the 4 year old boy sitting next to him. Shame on you fat man.

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