August 29, 2011


I had orientation today. It was overwhelming. I also got my UCSF ID badge. Aaand enough about that...boring. After orientation I had a couple hours of daylight and decided to explore Golden Gate Park since my house is right on it's edge. This park is enormous. I was trying to see how far of a walk it would be to get to the science museum that is inside the park, but the blisters I began cultivating somehow steered me to a gyro shop. DONER. I don't know how it happened. Please see the post on the "Ode to Doner Kebab" for more insight into my obsession with the delicious treat. Followed by some baklava...just what I needed.

On the way home I realized it is possible to actually hike inside the city of San Francisco.

Also, luckily, my house is very close to the San Francisco Yard Bowling Center. The SFYBC! Thank God I got a place near such a sports mecca.

Here is a pic of my house. It is pre-1906 earthquake. Old.

Now Harold the Landlord is a nice guy but the man watches his bottom line. He refuses to pay for internet, even though the $70/month bill would be very easily distributed by adding $7 to the 10 tenants' rent. He did not heed my business advice and I am too lazy to call the internet company myself, so I have remedied the situation by frequenting the local coffee shops and cafes to use their wireless. For unlimited internet I have to purchase a $1.80 delicious cup of coffee, a $2.99 pint of Anchorsteam, or a $3.25 glass of pinot noir. Darnnnnn... I write this.

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