July 21, 2011

Basic Pasta Salad

During the summer, if I have a refrigerator full of really random things, we eat pasta salad.  I have a basic dressing I make, and then I just throw anything in there, give it a toss, stick it in the fridge and I’m finished.  Since it’s so easy, it’s a regular summer staple.

 Pasta Salad (per 1lb pasta)
1 ½ T. balsamic vinegar
1 T. Dijon mustard
Olive oil

I use just enough olive oil to coat the noodles and a large spoonful of mayo, then add in everything else and adjust as needed. Pasta salad is definitely one of those things where I eat a good portion during the cooking/stirring process.  A lot of it depends on what’s going in.  Herbs are always involved, but they vary as well depending on the ingredients.  Pasta salad is something you just have to start basic, and add until you like it.  The one above has feta, cilantro, and cherry tomatoes.  We snacked on it for days.  It was perfection.

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